Antimicrobial coating
Antimicrobial protection
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Long term antiviral protection
Long term odour elimination
Antibacterial textile protection
Long term odour elimination
Fungi and mould prevention protection coatingи
Fungi and mould prevention protection pain
Antiviral paint
long term sars protection
Fungi and mould conditioners protection
Corona protection
Antiviral protection textile


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Currently, the ENY-Mobility GmbH company (Germany) is introducing a series of ENY-Health products to the markets of Russia and the USA. In this regard, the company is interested in finding reliable partners among retailers and service providers (detailing, cleaning) in all regions of Russia and the CIS. If your company is interested in becoming a distributor, dealer or trading partner, please contact us using the request form.

The high-tech company ENY-Mobility GmbH (Germany) is a developer and manufacturer of long-term solutions to protect surfaces from bacteria and viruses. These antimicrobial and antiviral products have already established themselves well in the European market in the product lines of health products, hygiene products, professional products for cleaning and sanitizing premises, cosmetic products, and detailing products. Also, these solutions are widely used in the production of everyday goods, devices, household appliances and textiles in order to impart long-term antimicrobial and antiviral properties to various surfaces.

The ENY-Health product, as a highly effective means of antimicrobial and antiviral surface treatment, will allow both to make an invaluable contribution to the fight against the global pandemic, and to use the current market opportunities to bring a completely new product to the Russian market.

If you are interested in our product and want to become our health products distributor, then fill out the request form and we will definitely contact you.

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