Antimicrobial coating
Transparent antimicrobial coating
Transparent antiviral coating
Transparent antibacterial coating
Long term antiviral protection
Long term odour elimination
Antibacterial textile protection
Fungi and mould prevention protection coating
Fungi and mould prevention protection paint
Antiviral paint
Surface protection virus
Fungi and mould conditioners protection
Antiviral protection textile
Coating bacterial protection

Application method

Using instruction for antimicrobial coating ENY-Health

Security measures!

Keep out of reach of children.

Read MSDS befor using!

Using instruction for antimicrobial coating ENY-Health
Suitable for spraing or deep coating (impregnation)
The fabric should be cleaned before CENY®-Health treatment, as far as possible to remove the residues of various processing aids, such as: slurry, alkali, printing glue and so on.
Such substances can affect the absorption and penetration of fabrics when treated with CENY®-Health, having an impact on final performance and durability.
Application: CENY®-Health should be stored according to the Material Safety Data Sheet
Avoid freezing
When stored using the recommended conditions, shelf-life is 18 months after production date
Optimal concentration 50 - 100 ml/liter
pH of the finishing liquor 3-7
Curing conditions: 160 - 1800 C, 30 - 90 sec.
Using manual semi-professional application:
Spray or dip your fabric item using CENY®-Health
Let the product dry. The ideal hydrophobic effect is achieved by drying at high temperature. You can use the iron after drying.
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