Antimicrobial coating
Transparent antimicrobial coating
Transparent antiviral coating
Transparent antibacterial coating
Long term antiviral protection
Long term odour elimination
Antibacterial textile protection
Fungi and mould prevention protection coating
Fungi and mould prevention protection paint
Antiviral paint
Surface protection virus
Fungi and mould conditioners protection
Antiviral protection textile
Coating bacterial protection

Areas of use

ENY-Health coatings are applied to surfaces where reliable and long-term protection against bacteria and viruses is required. This is especially true for objects and surfaces with an increased risk of transfer of pathogenic flora.

At home.

Such items include gadgets, light switches, door handles, refrigerators, stationery, countertops, plumbing, kitchens, bank cards - all those places where colonial growth of pathogenic bacteria can be observed. We recommend applying ENY-Health to window frames and silicone joints in shower enclosures to protect against mould. Don't forget to cover the inside of the air conditioner, car interior parts, toys and musical instruments - this will make your home safer.

In public places

It is necessary to pay attention in crowded places: Public transport - handrails of vehicles and escalators, Shopping centres and fitness centres, swimming pools and spas, beauty salons and hairdressing salons - handrails, handrails, exercise equipment, inventory and professional equipment.

In places where human contact through objects is inevitable - elevator buttons, supermarket trolleys, catering trays and countertops, food display cases, check-in counters, service terminals and cash registers.


Think about your production and the safety of your employees and the end-user: The coating is recommended in food processing, conveyors, medical and laboratory equipment, workshops.

The coating fights against fungi, yeast, bacteria, mould, viruses, and therefore is also suitable for surfaces such as fans and ventilation shafts, air filters, protective masks, fabrics, carpets, clothing, bed and bed linen (note the type of used coverage of the ENY-Health brand).

We are happy to make your life healthier.

ENY-Mobility GmbH team

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