Antimicrobial coating
Transparent antimicrobial coating
Transparent antiviral coating
Transparent antibacterial coating
Long term antiviral protection
Long term odour elimination
Antibacterial textile protection
Fungi and mould prevention protection coating
Fungi and mould prevention protection paint
Antiviral paint
Surface protection virus
Fungi and mould conditioners protection
Antiviral protection textile
Coating bacterial protection

Application method

Using instruction for antimicrobial coating ENY-Health

Security measures!

Keep out of reach of children.

Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and hot surfaces. Store in a tightly closed container.

We reccomend use protective gloves and safety goggles.

The solution is intended only for application on the surfaces provided
for by this instructions. It is not allowed to take the drug inside and contact the skin.

Using instruction for antimicrobial coating ENY-Health
Please read these instructions carefully before use!
From the moment of the first application, use within 24 hours.
The presence of carbon sediment in the bottle is allowed. Before use, the container with the solution must be shaken for 30 seconds.
Surface preparation: Prepare the surface before applying. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease stains. Use any cleaner on hand to clean the surface.
Application: After spraying, spread the solution evenly over the entire object to be coated*. After that, carefully rub the solution over the surface that you need to protect. For these purposes, we recommend using a non-woven cloth. Fnish rubbing in if the surface starts to stick.
8 hours later, the surface is ready for use!
Application on gadgets, transparent surfaces, glossy and decorative objects**
Protecting gadgets implies increased requirements for appearance. Therefore, for gadgets of transparent and glossy surfaces (glossy plastic, glass furniture, glass elements of shower cabins, etc.), we recommend:
After application, rub in the solution thoroughly for 1 minute,
After 5 minutes, carefully polish the surface again using the same napkin,
Repeat this operation after 1 hour with a dry cloth, After 8 hours, your surface is ready for use!
* Approximate working consumption of 10 ml of solution per 1 m2 of surface.
** Despite the nano-size of the components of the solution, you can clearly see the process of application and polishing by reflection. Try to make the finish as smooth and stable as possible. After hardening, the coating will have a strength comparable to that of ceramics, which will make it difficult to eliminate defects on it.
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